31 Mile Lake Island Property For Sale, Bouchette, PQ

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The Cottage

Built in 1961, this cozy cottage is winterized and insulated.  

Main Floor

With 2000 sq. ft. of living space on the ground floor there are 4 bedrooms, 1 full bath, living, dining and kitchen under a cathedral ceiling and a free standing stone fireplace between the living and dining spaces.  Walls are diagonal red pine boards throughout, and floors are white pine.  Fully fitted kitchen with new propane fridge and microwave, propane stove and dishwasher.


There is a full basement equipped with wood burning cast iron furnace, winter and summer water entry diamond drilled through to lake, with water pump and pressure tank.  Two Servel propane fridges serve as backup with a Unique propane freezer.  There is a large work area with tools. 

Exterior from the lake

Front deck with wood storage under, recent metal roof and satellite internet equipped

Back deck with cedar hedge off lake bedroom.

Cottage Interior

Living room with stone fireplace.

Past the fireplace to the top of the cathedral ceiling over 20 feet high with clearstorey windows.